EXCLUSIVE: Willem Dafoe’s ‘Justice League’ Role Possibly Revealed

Ever since it was revealed last month that Willem Dafoe was cast in the fast approaching, onscreen adaptation of the Justice League, fans have speculated over which character the actor could be portraying. A great number of reports and rumors have surfaced since the announcement, and while many of them seem plausible, one stands out particularly. One that nobody would have guessed.

Along with the casting confirmation came a very brief description saying that Dafoe would be portraying a, “hero” in both Justice League films. We have an all star cast of six phenomenal actors, portraying six of the most iconic characters of all time: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash. So who’s left? We still have openings for Martian Manhunter, Shazam, Nightwing, and even Hawkman, but none of these characters align with the style of acting that Dafoe is so well known for.

According to sources given exclusive information regarding the DCEU, Dafoe will be playing the one character we have yet to see. The one character that everyone has been asking about. That’s right, sources say that Willem Dafoe will be our DC Extended Universe Hal Jordan.


While a great deal may immediately turn away from the possibility, as it is a far fetched one, it isn’t worth ruling out at all. For a while in Green Lantern’s history, Hal Jordan grew old and went on to go crazy after being infected by Parallax, the embodiment of the Yellow Lantern/Sinestro Corps. With an already diverse cast, that is clearly going for an edgy timeline, pushing the boundaries of the comics and their adaptations to the big screen, Dafoe would make the ideal Hal Jordan. Especially as an, “older, more rugged” incarnation, to quote the source’s description.

Not only that, but this does also align perfectly with reports we’ve been hearing for a while now. When the Green Lantern Corps movie was announced for a 2020 release this summer, word got around that Warner Bros. may be looking for an older actor to play an experienced Hal Jordan. Both the appearance and style of Willem Dafoe match that of Hal’s. And seriously, how cool would it be to see an infected Hal Jordan as the villain of the 2020 Green Lantern Corps movie?!

Finally, the source goes on to say that Dafoe will be playing alongside fellow Green Lanterns John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner, which also aligns with reports from Latino Review from a few days ago. In time we’ll know for sure, but for now it isn’t fair to rule out any possibility. Even one as wild as this.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you buy or sell this rumor? How would you feel if this turns out to be true? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and be sure to check us out on social media!

Source: Anonymous + Josh Sharpe

Disclaimer: While the source seems legitimate, it is important to recognize the stance of the casting, which is completely unconfirmed. Who Dafoe is portraying/who will be playing Hal Jordan has yet to be officially announced.