First Look At Mads Mikkelsen On Set Of ‘Doctor Strange’!

Set pictures from the upcoming Doctor Strange were released the other day and now pictures have surfaced of Mads Mikkelsen and his mysterious character!


Mikkelsen has been set to play the villain for the Sorcerer Supreme in his first film, but his character has not been officially announced. The big rumor was that he would play Doctor Strange’s biggest bad, Dormmamu. Dormmamu has a fire head like Ghost Rider and is about 70 feet tall so according to the pic above it looks like that may no be the case.

After seeing this pic and the eyes of Mads Mikkelsen I believe that Mads will be playing the villain Nightmare. Nightmare rules over a dream dimension where he torments people as they sleep, and in some cases traps people in this realm for his own amusement. Thus it falls on Doctor Strange to defend humanity from his shenanigans, to the point that now Strange casts a spell over before falling asleep so Nightmare doesn’t attack him.

Other characters rumored are Satannish, D’Spayre, and Mephisto. Be sure to let us know what you guys think on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!