Former ‘Walking Dead’ Cast Member Says He Knows Who Negan Killed

Former cast member of ‘The Walking Dead’ Tyler James Williams says he knows who killed Negan and that a current cast member told him. During an interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly Radio’ Williams said this:

“We all still speak and they kind of keep me up to date and stuff on what’s going on and all of that. … You have to understand [showrunner Scott M. Gimple] knows everything seasons and seasons out, so people knew, but we can’t say anything. No one can say anything. So it’s actually better to say that we don’t know.”

Many people, myself included, have thought that there is no way to know who Negan killed because Greg Nicotero said previously that they hadn’t filmed the scene yet and Showrunner Scott Gimple had said they hadn’t written it yet either. I am sure that Gimple has known all along, or at least had some idea of, who would die at the hand of Negan, but disclosing that information to cast members so soon is intriguing. What do you think? Does Tyler James Williams really know who Negan killed? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram!