Ultimate Cut Of ‘Batman V Superman’ May Air In Theaters

It was announced following the premiere of Batman V Superman that Warner Bros was to release Zack Snyder’s three hour, R-rated, director’s cut of the film for Blu-Ray. However, recent rumors have arisen stating Warner Bros’ intentions to show the ultimate cut in theaters if the theatrical version does well enough in the box office.

Batman V Superman is currently sitting at a $825 million mark worldwide, while Warner Bros is shooting to hit $1 billion before releasing the R-rated version in theaters. Although Warner Bros may be lenient in this box office requirement, BVS’ ticket sales are slowing down as the weeks progress. However, Warner Bros would make much more money at the box office if they were to release the ultimate cut on top of the standard release in theaters, as opposed to only releasing it on Blu-Ray. So, it’s possible they’ll do this to propel ticket sales past $1 billion.

Some of the fans, viewers, and critics alike criticized the film for trying to fit in too much information while not allowing enough time, so if Warner Bros was to release the three hour cut it could potentially help alleviate some of those negative opinions of the movie.

Source: http://Comicbook.com

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