Fox Releases Alternate Colossus Designs For ‘Deadpool’ And… They Weren’t Good

One thing that virtually all comic book fans can agree on regarding 20th Century Fox’s most recent superhero block buster, is that it was incredibly accurate to the character’s comic book roles.

Of course Reynolds absolutely delivered in his interpretation as Wade Wilson himself, but an unexpected star was Stefan Kapicic’s role as the Russian, metal mutant, Colossus. A favorite of many from the X-Men comics, Colossus was finally brought to light in a manor that fans are familiar with from the source material. Huge, shiny, and Russian. 

Although he did turn out great, both in looks, and personality, he almost looked… Well… Different. Dare I say, bad? 

Recently concept artist Alexander Lozano dropped a number of alternate concept designs for the character, and after checking them out, I know I won’t be the only one glad they went the way they did.

Check them out below, and be sure to comment your thoughts in the designated section! Are you happy with Fox’s new Colossus?   

 Source: FaceBook