Gal Gadot Says ‘Wonder Woman’ Is “Pretty Dark”

Since the start of the MCU, and it’s success with lighter, and more humorous superhero films, some fans have wondered if the days of a dark and gritty super flick had come to an end, and after many critics ruthlessly criticize Batman v Superman for it’s dark tone, more and more fans believed that because of the negative reception, that WB and DC were gearing up to make a change of tone of their upcoming films…not! While there will be more lighter films and characters (The Flash) DC fully intends to stick with the darkness in their films. Gal Gadot, who stars in Wonder Woman next year as the titular character, had a chance to sit down with Digital Spy where she called the film a “coming-of-age story.” Check out her comments below.

“In Batman v Superman, you get a glimpse of who she is but not where she comes from. In Wonder Woman, this would be the first time we ever tell the coming-of-age story of how Diana becomes Wonder Woman. We go back 100 years to when she’s more naive. She’s this young idealist. She’s pure. Very different to the experienced, super-confident , grown up woman you’ve seen.  It’s very interesting. It has moments of humor, but it’s pretty dark.

For man Wonder Woman absolutely stole the show in Batman v Superman. Seeing a badass fighter like her on the big screen is something millions of fans had been waiting to see, and that’s exactly what we got. Still, how do you feel about Wonder Woman having a dark tone? Do you wish it was lighter or are you okay with DC’s darker tone? Let us know on our social media!

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