‘Iron Man’ Director Jon Favreau Praises ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Most of the early reviews for the upcoming Marvel film ‘Captain America: Civil War’ have been overwhelmingly positive and now there is another person adding to the praise: Jon Favreau. Favreau has been instrumental in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by bringing the critically and commercially successful ‘Iron Man’ to the big screen. He is also responsible for ‘Iron Man 2’ and Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’. Favreau had this to say about ‘Civil War’:

“I just felt – as a filmmaker who had been part of establishing this universe – I thought that it was in really good hands with these guys and I was pleased…And as an audience member I was just smiling, and it’s nice to smile your way through a film. The audience is in for a treat, and I didn’t even see it finished so I’m sure it’s gotten even better.”

Favreau praised Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the film but also praised the characterization of Tony Stark, who Favreau was one of the people responsible for successfully bringing to the silver screen in ‘Iron Man’:

“I think Spider-Man made me smile every second the character was on the screen…I was so pleased with the tone of the film in general, but those sequences specifically, and I just loved the way they introduced the character. I love the version of Tony Stark I saw, especially in those scenes. As somebody who was part of the beginning of the screen persona of Tony Stark, I thought that this was really impressive and a wonderful expansion of that character.”

‘Captain America: Civil War’ will blast its way into theaters everywhere on May 6, 2016