James Wan Hopes To Leave His Mark on ‘Aquaman’

When it was announced Aquaman would make his first appearance in the DCEU in Batman V Superman, viewers were curious in regards to what to expect with this new version of the King of the Seven Seas. Unfortunately, Jason Momoa only made a short cameo without any dialogue which did not reveal many details in regards to the first live action version of the aquatic hero. While he will surely play a much larger role in the upcoming Justice League film, he is also slated to have his own movie in 2018. Little details have been revealed concerning Aquaman’s solo film, other than James Wan will helm the film as director.

Visionary director James Wan is most known for his horror films, which include The Conjuring, Insidious, and Saw. Wan’s exceptional ability to create horror films can transfer into his first superhero film, in which it is possible he will add new aspects to the typical superhero movie with his unique filmmaking style. When asked in an interview what his goals are in regards to the Aquaman solo film, Wan replied:

“It’s still an early process. It’s very important for me that I can put my stamp on it. If I can do that, I feel it will be pretty damn awesome.”

While Zack Snyder will surely establish the King of Atlantis as a powerful hero in Justice League: Part 1, James Wan will reinforce this in the Aquaman solo film while adding his own unique style and influence on the character.

Aquaman is set to premiere in theaters on July 27th, 2018.

Source: http://comicbook.com