Jamie Alexander Not Sure About Returning As Lady Sif

After being a recurring Marvel character in both TV and film, many expected Lady Sif to make her next, and possibly final appearance in the third Thor outing, Ragnarok. In a recent FaceBook Q&A, the actress behind the character was asked if she had heard anything about her potential return.

To the surprise of many, Alexander seemed incredibly unsure about the future of her role in the MCU. Sif isn’t a 1st tier character by any means, but hearing that she may not make a return for the final Thor film is both shocking and disappointing. The actress said specifically,

“Am I in Thor 3? I get asked that everytime I do this! I actually don’t know. I have no idea. I’m guessing no? But I’m not sure, because nobody’s told me. I have no clue.”

With principle photography beginning in just a few short weeks, it doesn’t seem good for the Asgardian Goddess. Unless, of course she is lying; which is entirely possible…

What are your thoughts? Do you think Alexander should return as Lady Sif, or do you think she is best left in the previous MCU phases? Comment below in the designated section, and be sure to check us out on social media for regular posts and content!

Source: FaceBook (Via Comic Book)