Jon Favreau Returns to Marvel

Actor/Director Jon Favreau has decided to return to Marvel. After leaving Marvel to direct “Cowboys & Aliens” instead of directing “Iron Man 3”, Jon Favreau has confirmed to return to Marvel as an executive producer for upcoming “Avengers” films. It was rumored that Jon had left Marvel previously when the studio refused to pay his asking price when slated to produce the first “Avengers” film. Jon not only directed the first two “Iron Man” films, he starred in both and had a cameo in the third one as well. Jon went on to direct many successful films and his most recent success, “The Jungle Book”, is racking up revenue across cinemas everywhere currently. Digital Spy approached the actor/director recently:

“I’m going to be executive producing the Avengers films with the Russo brothers, which I’m very excited about,” Favreau told Digital Spy: “I talk to them about it all the time. I’ve worked both in front of and behind the camera with Marvel and I really love what they’re doing now.”

When asked if he’s seen Marvel’s latest movie, “Captain America: Civil War”, Jon commented saying he thought it was fantastic. While his relationship with Marvel studios temporarily soured, it seems like we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him in the future.