Kevin Feige Confirms Other MCU Characters To Appear In Spider-Man Reboot

More information about the new Marvel/Sony ‘Spider-Man’ reboot is slowly starting to crawl its way onto the internet and this may be the best piece yet. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently told Entertainment Weekly one of the benefits of being Spider-Man in a shared cinematic universe:

“He is in the universe now, and the fun of the universe is that characters go back and forth,”  

Rumours surrounding other Marvel heroes being involved in the 2017 web-slinger reboot began at the end of last year when ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to debut the trailer for their upcoming movie. The pair stated that they would be returning to Atlanta t film another project although there was no official statement about what this other project was. Now with the addition of Feige’s comments, it sounds like fans now know what that other project is.

There has been a lot of speculation about the specifics of the deal that was made between Marvel and Sony last year regarding who has creative and financial control of the Spider-Man character and story lines. Regarding the Spider-Man solo movie, Sony still has full creative and financial control over the character, and is simply collaborating with Kevin Feige and his creative team.

It sounds like the leaders of “Team Cap” and “Team Iron Man” may both be appearing in the 2017 ‘Spider-Man’ movie, although their role is not yet specified. The role could be very small or it could be very large. Since it is a “Spider-Man” movie, having Captain America and Iron Man in the movie could overshadow the web slinger in his new movie. Marvel needs to make sure that it will indeed be a “Spider-Man” movie, and will be centred around Peter Parker. That doesn’t cancel out the possibility of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. playing some sort of mentor role, however that would mean that they would have to make up by the end of ‘Captain America: Civil War’. 

Out of all the Marvel characters, Captain America and Iron Man seem the most likely heroes to be the ones that Kevin Feige is referring to, however no specifics are confirmed at this point.

The currently untitled ‘Spider-Man’ reboot hits theatres July 7th 2017, but you can catch Tom Holland as Peter Parker in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ on May 6th.

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Source: Comic Book