Our First Look at Baron Zemo in New Foreign ‘Civil War’ TV Spot

So far, Baron Zemo has been kept hidden from the fans, with attention being drawn mostly to the likes of Black Panther and Spider-Man. However, this morning a foreign TV spot for the film dropped which contains two glimpses at Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo. Unfortunately, he is in civilian clothing in both of his appearances, so we don’t yet know whether or not his classic costume (or some variation of it) will show up in the movie.

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The first appearance of Zemo follows a scene where an explosion goes off in what looks to be a government facility (maybe S.H.I.E.L.D?) This is all speculation, but perhaps he is the one who orchestrates the explosion. Zemo could very well be working with Crossbones, who is said to cause the event that leads to the Superhero Registration Act. Albeit the exact event has not been revealed, so the explosion can’t be ruled out just yet. Zero could have enlisted Crossbones’ help to put his plan into action, knowing that with the world’s mixed feelings about their mightiest heroes could spark the registration. He could then use the feud between the heroes to take down all of the Avengers once they’re disassembled. Again, none of this is confirmed and we’ll have to wait until more is revealed about Bruhl’s character to unveil his actual role in the movie.

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Watch the latest Civil War TV spot here!

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