Possible Reveal of ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Title

Marvel Studios made its fans very happy in 2015 when they announced a joint partnership with Sony for the cinematic rights of Spider-Man. Sony obviously had nothing to consider. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” wasn’t as successful as Sony thought it would be and were in financial trouble. Rumors of the cancellation of the next sequel surfaced on the internet and the e-mail hack of Sony didn’t help either. After seeing Spider-Man’s MCU debut during the last Civil War trailer, fans were ecstatic. Civil War added a new layer of hype to the already excessive anticipation it was getting. Spider-Man is set to star in Marvel’s next movie, ‘Captain America: Civil War, which comes out May 6th (U.S), and has his own movie coming out on July 7th, 2017. Up until today, we had little news to share except a few castings here and there but recently, news came out that Sony registered the URL SpiderManHomecomingTheMovie.com at the conclusion of last week. Could this little piece of information (retrieved by BBC) possibly reveal the movie title? Possibly. The URL is one of the domains registered that’s been known so far. That means that Sony could possibly be registering other domains in the near future. While this movie title isn’t set, it does seem relevant to the MCU version of Spider-Man. He played an integral role in the ‘Civil War’ comic and the movie wouldn’t feel right without him. The Peter Parker version of the MCU is also a little younger than we expected, still a highschooler. The title would make sense since the MCU has been vying for his cinematic rights for so long and the fact that high school dances, including homecoming, is a high school tradition. How do you feel about the title? Comment below!