PS4 NEO: The Next Step, Or An Epic Failure?

**DISCLAMER**: Take everything you read in this editorial with a grain of salt.

So this new PS4.5 or PS4 NEO seems to be a thing. Specs have been apparently sent to devs and of course were leaked online soon after. By the looks of what I’ve seen and have been told, this new, whatever it is could be a big step-up from the original PS4. Which could (and probably should) be taken as a big middle-finger to any one who bought a new Playstation with in the last 3 years. Or it could be on the completely opposite side of things. Where a lot of people are looking at this and thinking it’d be similar to upgrading a PC, which in theory it is. But it’s not a PC (obviously), it’s a console. You buy it once and you never have to do a darn thing to it again. Except all those really pesky firmware updates every few months. I mean, you should be able to work with a PS4’s hardware for at least five years! Playstation is going to have to put some kind of crazy marketing spin on this thing to make the thing seem worth any one’s time. Now all that being said there are a few upsides to all of this. For one the games are going to be gorgeous. Like, stupid pretty for a console. Second it’ll run a lot of games (new and old) a lot better. I was going to say a third but I’m having an extremely difficult time thinking of one. Which if you think about it, should say something. Another rumor floating around the web is that it’s supposedly going to be 4K. Not sure if that’ll even matter at this point in the world of tech. You know what I mean? Like there’s only a hand full of legitimate 4K capable TV’s. A couple 4K blu-ray players. But what else? Oh, I guess I forgot about PC’s. Ironic I know. Nonetheless this is all speculation and rumor’s until other wise. So to end on a high note I’ll just say that this could easily bring us closer as a community, or tear us apart like animals. #2deep4me

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