RUMOR: X-23 To Appear In ‘Wolverine 3’

SuperHeroHype and are reporting a rumor that the clawed mutant X-23 may appear in ‘Wolverine 3’ which is set to be Hugh Jackman’s outing as Wolverine. Many are speculating that the film will be an adaptation of ‘Old Man Logan’. A casting call was posted with the following information:

“Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian-looking females over the age of 21, a height of 4′ – 4’11, and a size 0-4.”

Many are speculating that this could be for the role of Laura Kinney, who has taken the role of Wolverine in the comics, who could be used to pass the torch to a new Wolverine. The other theory is that the role could be for Ashley Barton, the daughter of Peter Parker’s daughter Tonya and Hawkeye. It is unlikely that it is Barton due to Sony still owning the rights to Spider-Man.

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