Soundtrack For ‘Civil War’ Reveals Interesting Titles

Just under two weeks from release in the US, Captain America: Civil War picking up the pace with its marketing. Although very little is known so far about specific plot points and character involvement, we do have some ideas to work with regarding what things happen when. Thanks to the release of the official soundtrack titles for Civil War, we have some more clues, giving bearings to the structure of the film we hadn’t yet had.

Below is the list given with the title of the track, and it’s duration (minutes : seconds). The bolded titles are ones that I will analyze, and that may offer some intriguing details. Be mindful of minor plot spoilers ahead, although this is mostly my own speculation.

Siberian Overture (2:56)
Lagos (2:10)
Consequences (2:22)
Ancestral Call (2:37)
Zemo (3:09)
The Tunnel (3:51)
Celestial Bodies (1:44)
Boot Up (5:16)
New Recruit (1:47)
Empowered (1:59)
Standoff (4:01)
Civil War (4:26)
Larger Than Life (3:40)
Catastrophe (2:36)
Revealed (5:38)
Making Amends (1:34)
Fracture (4:00)
Clash (3:54)
Closure (5:32)
Cap’s Promise (3:46)
Bonus: Adagio (2:18)

  1. Zemo is an interesting title because it shows that the character will be first appearing very on in the film. We have barely seen anything of Zemo so far in marketing, so it is interesting that his role early on is large enough to get its own title.
  2. The Tunnel really isn’t too important, but it does offer some reference to when we see the chase seen from the trailers. War Machine and Black Panther try and stop an escaping Bucky, who is likely being protected by Cap and Falcon. This will happen early on as well.
  3. Celestial Bodies is probably the most revealing title in this whole list. The Celestials are a group of powerful aliens, who have already been mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy. It is clear that some sort of Celestial has been found.
  4. New Recruit tells us when Ant-Man arrives to join members of Team Cap. Thanks to the Ant-Man post credit scene, we know he is being recruited early on.
  5. Civil War is obviously when everyone starts beating the sh*t out of eachother at the remote airport. The fact that this is listed halfway through the film is very intersting. Clearly there is more to be done after our heroes duke it out.
  6. Revealed is a pretty obvious one. Something directly after the Civil War happens is going to be revealed, and is most likely something huge. Could it be the introduction of Spider-Man? Could it be a secret of The Winter Soldiers? Or, and most likely, has there been a double agent secretly working for the other side? Hmmm. Time will tell, of course.
  7. Making Amends again is a title that feels like it should come later than it does. Clearly the battle has ended, and the characters are trying to work it out, yet there is still a good chunk of the movie left?
  8. Fracture takes place immediately after making ammends, which is interesting. Immediately after they try and work it out, they are fractured again.
  9. Clash is a followup to Fracture, obviously, and reveals that just minutes before the end of the film, they throw soemthing out of balance again . It’s starting to seem like they are pulling a Walking Dead season 6 finale, which would not be received well by anyone.
  10. Closure basically says the last 10 minutes were a joke, and nothing actually happens. So yeah, I guess the movie will end happy. Unless it means…
  11. Cap’s Promise could also be a nod to a famous event, but is most likely a promise made to some governemnt officials saying that he will be responsible.

And that’s it. While I could be painfully wrong on a few of these, it does seem like they got the movie right. At least, based on my theories. Comment if you agree, disagree, or just wanna chat, and be sure to check us out on social media as well!

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