Team Iron Man Vs Team Cap in Russo Brothers Panel

Just recently the Russo brothers Anthony and Joe released live footage from a panel on their Facebook, click here to see it.

During this panel team Iron Man was the first team to come out. although not all of team Iron Man was there they still had some words to say team Cap calling them,

“team burpee”

But this was not a very harsh diss given that half of team Cap did not even understand the joke and even coming back with their own joke one being ,

“it’s because there old”

Now team Cap and team Iron Man did have some other jokes and laughter but I want to get into some more of the serious things that were said in this panel. During this panel a question was asked about how technology has advanced film making throughout the marvel movies, this questioned being answered with definite yes, they also stating how this is shown by explaining how they added a shot of Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man just five days ago making him look a little bit younger than he actually is. This just goes to show how much technology has advanced throughout these films.

Now onto some more interesting things that were said, during the panel Chris Evans speaks a little bit on the airport scene which we have all probably seen by now in the trailer. He talks about how there is only a couple of times within this battle that they are all captured in the scene at once with them flying in at each other and that it is more one on one and then the camera switches to another one on one match which I believe will be very cool.

Those were most of the main things in these clips of the panel with Team Iron Man and Team Cap, a lot of the time they were just having fun and making fun of each other which is one thing I love about this cast is that they are like family. Tell me what you guys think in the comments below on how you think the movie will be, and remember Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6 2016

Source: Russo Brothers