The Bo Staff Was Not The Original Weapon In Robin’s Showcase In ‘Batman v Superman’

Since the first trailers surfaced for Batman v Superman, we’ve known that Robin had at one time fought alongside Batman, but in present time in the universe, the Boy Wonder is dead (presumably at the Joker’s hand). However, it has not been confirmed that the DCEU deceased Robin is Jason Todd, who is known in the comics for having been beaten to death by the Joker, later to come back from the dead and take on the persona of Red Hood.


The showcase that Batman has in rememberence of Robin displays the weapon that the Caped Crusader’s sidekick used, however it was originally not supposed to be a bo staff. According the the Batman v Superman tech manual, the weapon was originally equipped with a blade on the end. Despite this, Zack Snyder decided to make the weapon appear broken in the showcase, so to a fan who isn’t paying close attention it simply looks like the iconic staff.

The bladed weapon brings up a possibility of the dynamic duo disregarding Batman’s one rule of no killing. It was speculated after BvS was released that Bamtan had begun using lethal methods of taking down enemies (as we see multiple times in the film) after the death of his partner, but this news suggest that he didn’t have that rule even while Robin was still Alive.


Now that Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film has officially been confirmed, we’ll most likely get a look further into Batman’s past as well as the life and death of his sidekick. The movie will most likely reveal the identity of the Robin that was killed, which will put all of us at ease.

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