What is The Future of Entertainment?

I know I know. You’re probably thinking this is just going to be some kind of rant about how VR is going to take over the world. Honestly, I haven’t decided if you’re right or not. The entertainment industry has vastly changed over the past fifty or so years. Hard to believe things happen that fast huh? We’ve gone from little CRT’s in the corner of our living rooms, to having an almost theater sized screen as the “back-up” television you put in your bedroom. Computers were once the size of small houses, now they fit in the palm of your hand. But what does all this have to do with entertainment you’re most likely wondering? Well all these devices allow us to access all kinds of media. Everything from emulating the old Sonic games, to watching an interactive Youtube video. You know, those ones where you click and drag all around the screen? Pretty cool tech if you ask me. But what is all this leading to? Are we all soon going to be wearing these massive headsets in our dimly lit offices so we can get the full experience? Or perhaps we’ll just keep making bigger an shinier screens? All in all I’m down for anything. Virtual Reality can take the world to places that we never knew could exist. Or something a long those lines. I mean, just think about traveling to the deepest, darkest, and really creepy parts of the ocean. Or going to Mars through the eyes of a rover. Or perhaps we’ll just stay in the same spot for another 10 years. Which I suppose can’t be too bad. But change is inevitable. I mean, 4K finally has a grasp on things. Blu-Ray’s are huge now. Shoot, some folks are still making movies on film. In the end, does it really matter? The entertainment moves so fast all my theories could just go poof by the end of the day!

That’s all I’ve got today folks. Hope you enjoyed the read. But y’know if you didn’t that’s alright too.

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