When Will The MCU Crossover With Marvel T.V?

It’s not as stretch to say that Marvel has been one of (if not the) best cinematic universes in movie history. It’s also not a stretch to state that they’ve been very successful in the TV sector. Marvel has branched out with ease into the TV world, hoping to give their viewers a little more of Marvel instead of waiting bi-annually to go watch their movies. Shows such as ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’, ‘Daredevil’, and ‘Jessica Jones’ have all been big hits on their respective networks and streaming services but one question is on everyone’s mind: “What does this have to do with the MCU?”


So far, the only major connection we’ve seen between both is the sudden death (and resurrection) of Agent Phil Coulson. Everything else has been subtle Easter Eggs and minor character connections between the shows itself. Moviegoers thought we’d seen the last of Coulson in “The Avengers” but were surprised to learn that he’ll be heading a new team of agents later that year on his own show. What does that mean to the Avengers? He was basically their motivation for taking down the Chitauri army and ultimately, Loki. Does that victory still mean the same if Coulson suddenly re-emerges in the MCU? What we’re sure of is that the shows and the movies will definitely cross-over at some point. Kevin Feige says:

“It’s about finding the right way to do that,” Feige told io9. “And the honest answer is, movies are developed so far in advance that a lot of those things [Inhumans, Hydra monsters, etc.] weren’t done when we started to film [Captain America: Civil War].”

“Or, if we were to do something in a film that absolutely handcuffs what the team can do in season 2 of whatever show, they don’t want to be handcuffed. They shouldn’t be handcuffed. It’s just finding the right time and right place to do it.”

Kevin Feige also went on to explain that his main priority in introducing characters famous in the TV world requires storytelling in order to avoid weakening the character. A simple cameo doesn’t do characters such as “Daredevil” justice considering he has the highest ratings among the other shows made by Marvel. With the influx of characters being rumored to show up on the 2018/2019 spectacle ‘Infinity War’, could we see some characters transition from the silver screen to the big one?