Why do Video Game Movies flop?

Let’s just be real serious for a moment, does any one really know why these things flop? In theory game films should be making massive bank. But they don’t. The stories are usually decent. Most have big name actors. I mean, did anybody watch Need for Speed? It was great! No Fast and Furious by any means, but great. Or Hitman? Of course there’s two Hitman films now. So I suppose that should say something about this little situation. Oh and let’s not forget all those Resident Evil movies, yikes. Oh and Mortal Kombat. Right *clears throat* sorry I was having flashbacks. Now, the reason I bring up this topic is because we’ve got Assassin’s Creed this year. With the Micheal Fassbender as the main character. I haven’t been following the film much because I haven’t found a reason too. Besides the fact that I enjoy the games themselves. So that being said, I don’t have a lot of room to judge. Then again none of us do. At this point I suppose you’re thinking “but Andrew, you’re just ranting again… Get to the point”, and to that I say “I’M WORKING ON IT”! One thing I would like to mention if I’m gonna compare films. Is that there’s very little marketing for the AC movie. Like I said before, a few pictures here and them letting you pre-order tickets super early? Which in my opinion is the dumbest thing they could do. They’re trying to sell tickets before they show something worth while for their movie! Like, hello? Ok, NOW this is a rant. I’ll end with this; Although it’s a seemingly good idea. We have yet to see one worth our time.

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