Will ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Have Three Green Lanterns From Earth?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took a large leap towards assembling the Justice League that will appear in the event films in 2017 and 2019, with cameos from Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman playing a pivotal role in the film. While there was no direct mention or nod to Green Lantern in Batman v Superman, Green Lantern Corps is slated for release in 2020, and it’s been confirmed that we’re getting both Hal Jordan and John Stewart in the film, but now sources from Latino Review are hearing another famous Lantern’s name drifting around.

kyle rayner

Not only will Hal Jordan and John Stewart, the two most widely known Green Lanterns, being appearing in 2020’s Green Lantern Corps but also Kyle Rayner, a third Lantern from Earth. Another huge mention is the age of these Lanterns. Noticeably the age of Hal Jordan, who the studio wants to be in the age range of, for example, Matt Damon.

Green Lantern Corps is still a couples years away from production, but with many fans hoping for casting information way sooner, it’s great news hearing this much about the movie early on. And it’s not outside the realm of possibility for at least one Lantern to appear in Justice League Part II. 

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Source: Latino Review