Will Smith Wants To Play Batman

At the MTV Movie Awards, Will Smith and all of the other cast members of this year’s Suicide Squad were present and Smith, who will be playing Deadshot, was asked if he was anxious to reprise the role in a later film, possibly even a Deadshot solo one. He replied by referring to a comic issue in which Bruce Wayne temporarily handed the Batsuit over to Deadshot due to an injury, thus making him the Batman for the time being.


“So I’m just saying.. IF they’re gonna draw from that, I, you know… I wouldn’t reject it. […] I’m a team player [laughs].”

Will Smith as Batman? That would be… Interesting, to say the least. You can check out the full video here, where Smith also demonstrates his quite accurate Batman growl.

What do you think of this? He was obviously joking, but could you see Will Smith as the Dark Knight? Let us know on social media and in the comments!

Source: batmannews.com