You’ll See More Spider-Man In “Civil War” Than You Expected

As fans are seeing Captain America: Civil War, their reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Which makes sense; no one would trash a movie they get to see weeks before the rest of the world does. However, we can in fact get some good information out of these reviews; when Spider-Man was first confirmed to be featured in the film, his role was described as more cameo-like, with Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther replacing Spidey’s role from the comics.

One of the fans, however, Twitter-user Mike Sampson tells us surprising things about the wall crawler’s role: we’ll be seeing him for a total of about 30 minutes screen time.


May 6 really can’t come soon enough. I am eager to see this new version of Spider-Man, as is pretty much the whole comic world. Count the days, guys.

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