Zack Snyder Explains Why He Showed Batman’s Origin Again

One criticism that has been thrown at Batman v Superman is that we didn’t really need to see Batman’s origin once again. However, Zack Snyder explains in an interview with Forbes why it was so crucial to the plot of the film.

“You know, they’re both born and live in a world where someone can care about them and mourn them, and they can love their mother. And that’s the cool thing, you know we spend so much time with the Martha-Clark relationship that I think it kind of pays off there. You realize, oh, we needed that as viewers, so we could get to a moment with Batman where that moment with Martha resonates. Because we’ve lived on with Clark’s relationship with his mother, so that moment is like, ‘Wow, that’s ringing for me and I feel it’…When we were shooting the title sequence, that whole idea about, ‘Do we really need see the death of the Waynes again,’ is a big think to take a shot at again. But you realize you need it, because it actually pays off. And I really wanted to do it all the way.”

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*Minor Spoilers Ahead for BvS*

Snyder is standing by his decision to include the death of the Waynes once again, and its inclusion really is crucial to the reason Batman and Superman lay down their arms. From the get-go of the superhero brawl, Superman is trying to explain Luthor’s plan, but Batman disregards him completely and begins the duel. Once he has his boot on Clark’s chest and a kryptonite spear to his throat, Superman tells him to “save Martha”. After some angry shouting about who Martha is, Lois Lane swoops in to save Superman, telling Batman that Martha is Clark’s mother.

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This scene received a good deal of backlash from fans, even spurring some memes on the internet, but this scene really does show the mortality of not only Batman, but Superman as well; Bruce was just a boy when he witnessed the death of his parents, and he is continually fighting to bring the justice to Gotham that he was unable to bring to his parents. When Clark tells him to save Martha [Kent], he realizes that Superman is just as vulnerable as the rest of mankind, and thus the world’s finest team-up is born. And in order for this scene to work, and to see the sudden realization that Batman comes to, we did need to see the death of his parents again.

What do you guys think? Are you tired of seeing Thomas and Martha Wayne die? Or do you think the scene played well into the plot of the film? Let us know in the comments as well as on our social media!