‘Batman V Superman’ Producer Charles Roven Role With DC Films To Change

Following the mixed reviews of Batman V Superman, which was praised by many and negatively criticized by many, and its box office numbers which did not meet the $1 billion it had hoped for, many things within DC films at Warner Bros. have changed. Since the release of Batman V Superman, fans have petitioned for Zack Snyder to lose his role as director for Justice LeagueThe Flash has changed directors, Ben Affleck will now be an executive producer for Justice League, and more recently, DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns will co-run DC films for Warner Bros with John Berg. However, another change in direction was recently made by Warner Bros. to attempt and create a better future for the DC Extended Universe; long-time producer Charles Roven will step down from his position involved with the day-to-day production with DC films.

Roven, who has helped produce every DC Warner Bros. film since Batman Begins in 2005, will no longer be a part of the “brain trust” which comprised of Zack Snyder, John Berg, and Geoff Johns. He was a key part in the productions of both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. Roven was slated to produce future DCEU films, including The Flash and Aquaman, including any potential sequels, but he will no longer have a hand in these films. While it is said he will step down from his job including the day-to-day operations with the films, it is said the exact nature of his future involvement is “evolving.”

Although Charles Roven will no longer be a part of the “brain trust” involved with DCEU films and will not produce future films, he will still be accredited for producing Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman considering both films are well into the stages of development. Roven remains on-set for Justice League: Part I which is currently filming, but Warner Bros. recently sent John Berg to oversee daily production.

Source: http://heroichollywood.com