BREAKING: Dead Robin In ‘Batman V. Superman’ Confirmed To Be Jason Todd

Ever since the release of the trailer for Batman V Superman that showed the dead Robin’s costume in Bruce Wayne’s batcave, countless fan theories on who exactly it could’ve been have spawned, the most popular one of them being that it was Jason Todd who died some years ago, and who Bruce Wayne was referring to when he said “20 years in Gotham. How many good guys are left?”.

Moments ago, Warner Bros. posted a video on their facebook account confirming that this is true. The dead Robin is in fact Jason Todd.

“This was one of the big things from Batman v Superman, right across this way. The Jason Todd Robin suit,” they say. “Spray painted on the front ‘Ha ha. The joke’s on you Batman’. Those of you that know the storyline, know what happened to this Robin.”

If you want to see for yourself, said line starts at the 1:33 minute mark:

In the comics, Jason Todd is killed by the Joker, but eventually resurrected. He then turned into the antihero Redhood, who doesn’t hesitate to kill. This is a storyline the Batman solo film directed by Ben Affleck is rumored to adapt.

Source: Warner Bros.