‘Civil War’ Screenwriters Address Adapting Iconic Scene from the Comic

*Spoilers ahead for Captain America: Civil War*

Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus recently spoke with Yahoo Movies about whether or not they considered bringing the scene to life from the comic where Captain America is gunned down by Crossbones (although it is known that he didn’t actually die, but we won’t get into that right now). Much to some fans’ dismay, the scene was left out of the movie but others, including the film’s screenwriters, agree that it was the best move to keep Cap alive. Heres what Markus and McFeely had to say:

 “We never really went into this with the intention of killing Cap. One, because he doesn’t really die, so we weren’t going to do the time bullet [like in the comics]. And there are other movies coming, and it’s like, ‘Are you gonna kill him?’ And you get crap for fake-killing people. We fake-killed [Nick] Fury [in Winter Soldier] and it worked pretty well, but… At a certain point you’re lessening the gravity of the movie when you kill somebody, because people are like, ‘Oh now we’re in comic-book world because he’s gonna come back.’ So you get more gravity out really hurting somebody.”


Especially with TV shows like Arrow, fans can only take so much of the characters being killed, only to find out later on that they aren’t actually dead.  It makes sense that this would be an issue for the MCU with their beloved super soldier, as I’m sure everyone wants to see him in action against Thanos in Infinity War. On the other hand, this could’ve taken Marvel somewhere they’ve never really gone before – to somewhat of a darker side, and many fans would like to see that. However, the number of fans who are team Captain America seem to outnumber those who want to see his funeral, and the screenwriters chose to appeal to that majority.

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Source: Comicbookmovie.com