‘Civil War’ Writers Explain How Tony Stark Knew About Spider-Man

Fans went crazy when Spider-Man first appeared in one of the trailers for Captain America: Civil War. His “Hey everyone” line was all over the internet, as well as his image holding up Captain America’s shield. But after the film’s domestic release this Friday, people started to wonder how exactly Tony Stark knew about the 15 year-old web slinger, and even more so how that it was Peter Parker behind that mask.

During a press panel, Robert Downey, Jr. was asked that exact same question, and he was very honest saying that he didn’t know. However, one of the Civil War writer had an explanation to offer:

“I think he’s been keeping tabs,” Christopher Markus says. “I think he might know about everybody.”

“Everybody”? Who else is in New York, people? That’s right, the soon-to-be Defenders: Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Those characters are being rumored to be featured in Avengers: Infinity War, and with this theory, Tony Stark could be the one bringing them in.

“Tony has A.I. somewhere running crime statistics,” Markus concluded. “He can see where it’s going up and heroes might be needed and where it’s going down and there might be heroes. It’s why he built Ultron in the first place.”

Co-writer Stephen McFeely added a bit of information regarding the management of so many characters in a film like Civil War.

“We always left a recruitment section. Everybody has an arc but some are really big and some are small. The recruitment section allowed you to bring people in for the big fight and call it Civil War but not require that they have 18 beats of an arc. We knew we were gonna go get Spider-Man, we knew we were gonna get Ant-Man, but they have smaller arcs.”

When Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters in 2017, Peter Parker and Tony Stark are going to be interacting again, as Robert Downey Jr. has recently been confirmed as part of the cast.

Source: Comicbook.com