Darkseid Role in Justice League Movie Revealed

With the hype for DCU growing more everyday (contrary to what critics think), the slightest bit of new information for new entries on the DCU slate are considered golden. Very recently, it was revealed that the main villain for the upcoming DC team up movie would be Steppenwolf and not Darkseid. After the not-so-subtle hinting at a future Darkseid saga in Batman Vs. Superman, this came as a shock to anyone expecting him to be the main villain. Will Darkseid even show up in this movie? He will, according to Birth.Movies.Death:

“Darkseid is a presence in the movie, and fully appears at the end of the film, but don’t expect him to do much.”

Sounds like Darkseid is going to be more prominent in the second part of Justice League. What can we expect to see from the notorious villain in the movie? This was brought up in a recent leak:

*Warning: The following MAY contain spoilers for the movie. Do not keep reading if you wouldn’t like to potentially know future movie events.*

Steppenwolf is after three specific mother boxes left on Earth after an ancient battle. The battle consisted of a truce between bitter rivals Atlantis and Amazonia, who teamed up with mankind to fight of Darkseid ages before current civilization. The battle left behind said mother boxes and that’s the main goal for Steppenwolf. For further confirmation, refer to the deleted scene below released shortly after the release of Batman Vs. Superman.  Will Steppenwolf be formidable enough to impress fans and critics? 2017 can’t come soon enough.