Details On Batman’s Role In ‘Suicide Squad’

Ben Affleck’s Batman will make an appearance in this year’s highly anticipated Suicide Squad, we’ve all known that for quite some time now, however, it was unclear just how big of a role the Caped Crusader would have.

In an exclusive article, shed some light on this, saying that Batman will not interact with all of Task Force X. Rather, it will be kept to a reportedly pretty emotional scene with Will Smith’s Deadshot and then another one in the form of a flashback. In between, we, unfortunately, will not be seeing Bruce Wayne go at it with his arch nemesis, the Joker. Instead, he will have a scene with Harley Quinn in which he saves her from drowning.

Even though Gotham’s protector is not encountering every single one of these villains in the movie, he already has a history with them all – meaning he’s fought them before, which is probably the reason he gets involved in the first place.

Suicide Squad is scheduled to release August 7 of this year.