Disney Infinity Packs It In

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Disney Infinity packs it in


With the popularity of amiibo and the Skylanders series, Disney decision to drop out of the toy-to-life game product line doesn’t immediately make sense. However, it seems that even with the expanding universe at Disney’s disposal, Infinity sales are in steady decline.  Just like the amiibo and Skylanders toys, the Disney Infinity figurines correspond characters in a digital realm. Once purchased, the Infinity characters would unlock playable characters in a sandbox style adventure populated by the cast of Disney and Pixar characters spanning multiple movies.    Infinity, launched in 2013, seemed to have an edge over its competitors (Nintendo’s amiibo line wouldn’t launch until 2014) with the huge list of characters Disney has at its disposal The first line of Infinity characters focused on Disney and Pixar characters. Moving forward, Infinity expanded into the wealth of characters in the Marvel universe with the added benefit of coinciding with big launches in the Marvel cinematic universe.


Infinity seemed to be going strong after releasing the Star Wars line up over the past year, but the second quarterly earnings report from Disney (released today) states that the company has, “discontinued their self-published console games business.” For those of you that were hit with a wave of anxiety, take solace in the fact that Disney will still have video games based upon or featuring their intellectual property; they simply will not be producing games in-house. Not only is the news a hit for fans of the Disney’s to-to-life line, Avalanche Software, the studio that brought us Rampage 2: Universal Tour, will also be forced to close their doors.


A handful of new characters that were announced earlier in the year will still be hitting shelves in the coming weeks (characters from the upcoming Alice Through the Looking Glass and Finding Dory) so it would seem the Infinity game world will be around for at least a little while longer.