Star Wars Land Rumored To Give Visitors Command Of The Force

With Disney hard at work building their upcoming “Star Wars Land” attraction, a highly anticipated theme park that will allow visitors to experience moments from a galaxy far, far away, rumors surface that they may be giving visitors the very thing that set Jedi and Sith apart from the rest of us, the Force.

Placed throughout the theme park will be “Force Opportunities” that allow users to interact with the energy field that binds all living things together. Maybe a lightsaber is stuck in a cave wall. All day, people try to pull it out with the power of the Force, to no avail. But maybe, someone special will walk up, and the lightsaber will react to them.

From what it sounds like, the opportunities will be varied in size and scope, meaning that simpler one will occur more often, and more difficult ones only once or twice a day. The example used was one such possible experience. We may even have the opportunity to use Sith powers such as Force Lighting or choke. Look out Darth Vader, you may have a challenger.