James Wan Clarifies Status On ‘Aquaman’

After learning the sad news regarding the departure of The Flash‘s director, everything was up in the air. Rumors leaked that the creative differences that caused the director to leave wasn’t creative in context; it was due to the fear of not living up to successful movie standards after Batman vs. Superman didn’t profit as much as it was projected to. When one movie went into turmoil, most of the others did as well. People started hearing rumors that James Wan, director of Aqua-Man, was getting ready to depart from Warner Bros. as well, naturally panic ensued. Recently, James Wan debunked those rumors by casually posting a picture of him towered by a large image of Aqua-Man on a nearby wall. The picture itself has no caption and it could be read in many ways. James Wan could’ve thought it was a cool picture. He also could be proving his loyalty still lies with DC and his faith is unshaken regardless of the other director’s departure. Heroic Hollywood had this to say about the tweet in question:

This rumor should have been taken with a grizzly sized grain of salt. It really seemed weird to read, especially because of his previous comments about Aquaman, made him seem extremely excited about “putting his stamp” on the character. He’s also stated that the movie will be fun, so we can expect it be better than Batman v Superman on that level. In any case, Wan is currently helming the directorial ship and we can be sure to venture into Altantis in 2018.

Will we see the DCCU catch up to its competitors? Time will only tell when the slate of movies planned begin to unfold.