Parker Industries?

Parker Industries


It has been more than five months since, Amazing Spider-ManOversized #1, hit shelves and with it readers were introduced to Parker Industries. While, Captain America: Civil War, is days away from introducing Spidey to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if you’ve been away from the Amazing Spider-Man title for a while, it may be worth taking a moment to get reacquainted with the web head. In the past two years, Peter Parker has been gainfully employed by Horizon Labs. Unfortunately, the place blew up (as things are want to do in comics) leaving him a free agent. But wait a second… I thought Peter was a Photographer for the Bugle?


60s spidey camera

Smile for my spider-camera


In all incarnations of the web slinger I can recall, there is at the very least a passing mention of Pete’s scientific inclinations. In the recent Andrew Garfeild ASM movies, Peter: designed, engineered and manufactured his own web shooters, solved his dead father’s decay rate algorithm (that allowed Dr. Connors to become the Lizard but still…). In the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies Peter’s intelligence is noted by Norman Osborn, Kurt Conners and Otto Octavius.

                           kurt connors spiderman 3otto octavious spiderman 2Williem Dafore-Norman Osborn

We love men with intelligence


For casual fans of the wall crawler, it makes complete sense that Parker could make a living on his intelligence. In all of the film adaptations thus far however, Peter’s only established job is as a photographer at the Daily Bugle. In the comics, Peter has had day jobs ranging from a school science teacher to member of Tony Stark’s entourage but more recently he found himself employed by Horizon Labs working under Max Modell. Peter’s access to the labs resources allowed him to design and construct various forms of Spidey tech such as the short-lived bullet proof Spidey suit.

bullet proof spidey armor

From now on I’m bullet proof!? Wait, what do you mean I’ll only wear it once..?


Horizon labs becomes especially important in the Spidey saga when Otto Octavius switches bodies with Peter and becomes the Superior Spider-Man. Having stole Peter’s life, Octavius begins construction an armor of spider-weapons and suit modifications, eventually even commanding a small army equipped with his tech to aid in his crime fighting ( See Superior Spider-Man). While working out of Horizon Labs, Otto also finds time complete a doctorate program and earning Parker a PhD. In the aftermath of winning back his body and the conclusion of the Spider-Verse arc, Peter finds himself with a small fortune from profits of Otto’s inventions. Unfortunately, it is about this time that Horizon Labs is destroyed and Max Modell decides against rebuilding seemingly ending Peter’s run as a gainfully employed scientist.


After Secret War (the third) concludes we discover that, rather than rebuild Horizon himself, Peter founds Parker Industries. Parker Industries becomes an immediate success as a result of the release of webware, an affordable personal communications technology that provides free access to the worldwide ‘web’. In The Amazing Spider-Man Oversized #1, we discover that, not only has the Spider-Mobile been resurrected, it is equipped with on-board auto-tune technology. Spidey also shows off web shooters that can switch cartridges via voice command, micro-coiled Z-metal web that are used as giant electric tasers (which he boastfully calls bug zappers) and expanding web-foam.


All in all when Parker Industries are introduced it seems things are looking up for our favorite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Personally, I just wish the Spider-Mobile could have stayed dead.