Professor X Confirmed for New Mutants Movie

While the current X-Men lineup is mostly set in the past, this new movie could be set in the world we live in today. The New Mutants movie was confirmed recently by Simon Kinberg and one thing remains a constant in the franchise: the constant appearances by Professor X. Charles Xavier will show up in the new movie and while the role hasn’t been discussed, most comic book fans should guess he has a pretty big role when it comes to the mutants. The second draft has already been submitted and the new mutant lineup was revealed recently. Josh Boone has been tapped to direct the spin-off and after his recent slew of successful movies, he’s definitely taking a step in the right direction with the franchise. The storyline depicts a bunch of teenage mutants who are currently attending Professor X’s school, who also serve as their mentor. It hasn’t been discussed which Professor X is showing up for the movie (James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart) but both have done a stellar job in the role so far. In a world where Deadpool was a massive box-office hit and sequels are all but a sure thing, things are starting to look up for the Fox Cinematic Universe. Could they