RUMOR: ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ Title Leaked

With the huge reception of the return of Star Wars to the world last December, fans have begun awaiting the next installment in the growing space saga with eager anticipation. The Force Awakens did an impressive job of hiding information regarding details of the film before its release, especially considering how much attention the film received from around the world. The next and eighth film in the saga for the time being has released virtually no details other than the cast, as well as stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac hinting at a “darker” tone. However, Episode VIII’s title may not be a mystery anymore as it may have been leaked to the public.

The title was featured on a poster at Star Wars Celebration Europe, which was revealed to be Star Wars: Fall of the Resistance. The title leaked from a video showing the poster at the convention, which features the Star Wars Celebration logo at the bottom to potentially add to the credibility of this rumor, which many may believe to be fake.


Star Wars: Fall of the Resistance would be a fitting title to add to the darker tone of the film, according to the movie’s actors. However, only time will tell if this title is official or just another false rumor. The potential leak may lead to executives at Disney either confirming or denying the title, but fans may have to wait for confirmation until the Star Wars Celebration in July where details regarding the movie will finally begin to be revealed to the public.

Star Wars Episode VIII is set to premiere in theaters December 15th, 2017.

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