Russo Brothers Working On Chinese Super Hero Film

Joe and Anthony Russo LOVE super heroes, they’ve said that in countless interviews and press panels. And apparently not only those from Marvel Comics – in between the tremendously successful Captain America: Civil War and the soon to be renamed Avengers: Infinity War the director duo is teaming up with chinese director Mushui Feng (Demon Warrior) to produce a new Chinese-based film titled A Hero’s Awakening.

The Russos, however, will in fact not be at the helm, as American storyboard artist and director Anthony Leonardi (Game Of Thrones, The Jungle Book, Water For The Elephants) will be Feng’s colleague on set. The film, which is thus far described as “a super hero origin story”, will begin production in the fall and have a $30 million budget. It will also be shot entirely in Mandarin and released for Chinese markets only.

Captain America: Civil War is now playing in theaters.