“The Flash”: Season 2 Finale Review! (Spoilers!)

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Season 2 of The Flash

After a long, and overall successful season for CW’s The Flash, it came to a close on this evening’s episode. This episode, titled “The Race of His Life”, showed Barry facing off against the Season 2 villain Zoom.

This episode had many positives and a couple of negatives that I would like to discuss.

Some of the best moments of the episode were the easter eggs, sprinkled throughout the episode. A couple of the most noticeable ones were the reveal of Jay Garrick and the Black Flash. The Jay Garrick reveal was something that a lot of comic book fans saw coming, even with the twist of John Wesley Shipp playing the character. It was very nice seeing Jay don the classic suit and helmet before running back to his home on Earth-3. This character is someone who I would like to see more of in Season 3.

The Black Flash is a character that I didn’t expect to see this episode. While the character might have just been an easter egg, I think the concept will be used again in a future season. In the comics, the Black Flash was a speedster (someone who can run like Flash) who appears when a speedster is about to die. In the episode he was surrounded by Time Wraiths, the show’s version of the Black Flash, but it seems we may see the real character very soon.

As for other positives in the episode, Grant Gustin’s performance as the title character was once again excellent. His scenes with Candice Patton, who plays Iris West, were very emotional and heartfelt. His expression of anger and loss from his father’s death were really well-played. The other actors also had strong performances overall.

However, this episode was not perfect. I did have some issues with it, but nothing too major. I had a problem with Zoom in this episode. Teddy Sears played the character pretty well, but after a season of excellent acting from Teddy Sears, I felt the dialogue was a little weak. Also, the end battle between Barry and Zoom was hyped up all season and throughout this episode, but with very little payoff. The battle was brief, and although Barry used a time remnant to defeat Zoom, that was very predictable after the opening scene of the episode. Also, I was not happy with where we leave these characters at the end of the season. Barry’s arch is something I will discuss in a moment, but as for the other characters, all felt undone with the ending of this episode. Iris’s arch was overcoming the loss of Eddie and expressing her feelings for Barry, and while she does this by the end, it is only undone. This can also be said for Wally and Jesse Quick, who were set up all season as speedsters, only for the timeline to be erased. I was also upset with Tom Cavanagh’s sudden decision to leave Earth-1, which felt out-of-place after his arch this season.

The ending of this episode was the most disappointing and exciting moment for me. Barry’s decision of traveling back in time to save his mother felt very much out-of-place after Barry’s lessons on time travel and dealing with the Speed Force. However, this set up the Flashpoint storyline, which I believe will be the central storyline of Season 3. In the comics, Flashpoint was a huge event where the timeline was altered when Barry saved his mother from death and the world was affected. This story dealt with the Reverse-Flash and alternate versions of Barry’s closest allies and family. The Reverse-Flash was already used as a villain in Season 1, but with the Earth-2 Harrison Wells leaving the series, we may see him playing the villain once again.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode despite some minor issues. This season was debatably the best of all the CW shows, and even maybe the best of all the superhero shows. There will be a lot of speculation over where the creators are going for Season 3, but all I know is that I can’t wait. What were your thoughts on The Flash Season 2 finale? Let us know in the comments below, as well as on Twitter!