Tom Holland Wants Captain America in Solo Movie

After a long time of waiting, Marvel fans finally had their voices heard when it was confirmed that ‘Spider-Man’ will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He would start off by having an essential (but not lengthy)  role in the upcoming movie “Captain America: Civil War”. Marvel then announced ‘Spider-Man’ would have his own movie shared by Marvel and Sony Studios. After that, Marvel released the movie title for the upcoming movie, “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. As recently as last week, it was confirmed that Robert Downey Jr. would sign up for yet another Marvel movie and will have an integral role in the upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ movie. Was that enough for actor Tom Holland? Apparently not, since he’s requesting that ‘Captain America’, portrayed by Chris Evans, show up in the movie as well.  Holland had this to say when MTV asked him about his debut appearance in the MCU:


You’re really gonna get to see a kid with superpowers. And one of the nicest things about [Captain America: Civil War] is that you see a real kid reacting to Avengers just how a real kid would, and that’s exactly how I reacted. That’s one of the main differences.I really like Iron Man, he’s obviously my favorite. I’d like Cap to show up at some point. I think that would be really cool if he did.

Will we see the trio together on screen in 2017? Only time will tell.