Wesley Snipes Wants To Return As Blade For Marvel

Comic book movies’ popularity rose greatly in the early 2000’s, especially with the release of X-Men and Spider-Man. However, one popular comic book film released around the same time that does not get as much recognition for creating the wave of comic book films, possibly due to the character’s inactivity today, is Wesley Snipe’s Blade. Wesley Snipes portrayed the popular vampire hunter from Marvel comics in 1998 and was followed by two sequels which were not as accepted by viewers in comparison to other comic book movies of its time.

While it has recently been mentioned Blade will return to Marvel in one form or another, little to no details have been announced in regards to who would hypothetically play Blade. However, Wesley Snipes has been nothing short of vocal, openly stating his willingness to reprise his role as the vampire hunter via Twitter:

Wesley Snipes Tweets

In 2015, it was reported Snipes was in negotiations with Marvel to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but no final decisions were made. Today, talks have arisen mentioning the possibility of returning Blade to Marvel, whether it be with a movie or television show. With the recent popularity of Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Blade has a better chance of acquiring its own television show to air on Netflix. Blade’s more violent and dark tone would fit in with the darker tones of the MCU’s Netflix shows. Whether Blade will have his own feature film or television show, Wesley Snipes hopes to return and join the MCU.

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Source: http://heroichollywood.com