‘Wolverine 3’ Villains Reportedly Revealed

20th Century Fox has done a good job of keeping the details of the untitled third Wolverine film under wraps as it is currently being filmed in New Orleans. All that is currently known is the film will be rated-R and it will take place in the future, possibly adapting to the “old man Logan” storyline. However, it was reported by an exclusive on Nerdist.com that the villains of the film will include an original villain as well as a group of villains familiar to comic book readers.

The original villain will reportedly be played by Boyd Holbrook, who will portray an “relentless, calculating… intense head of security for a global enterprise.” The group of villains that will be recognized by X-Men comic book readers are Reavers. Reavers, the group of cyborgs created by X-Men villain Donald Pierce, were created to eliminate all mutants as an elite military task force in the comics. However, the film may either adapt a similar interpretation of the Reavers or alter it, allowing a different villain, like Mr. Sinister for instance, to create the Reavers.

While these villains have been reported to be included in Wolverine 3, it is possible more villains will join the ensemble to challenge Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine one final time. Only time will tell, as many details are sure to be revealed as Wolverine 3‘s release date approaches.

What do you think of these villains? Who else would you like to see Wolverine fight on the big screen for the last time? Let us know in the comments below!

Hugh Jackman’s final reprisal of Wolverine will premiere in theaters on March 3rd, 2017.

Source: http://nerdist.com