Aquaman Has A Strong Personality In ‘Justice League’

According to HeroicHollywood, Jason Momoa does not wear his characteristic Aquaman costume when on land in Justice League. Instead, he sports ‘a pair of slim fit dark denim wash jeans with no shirt on‘.

In a short interview with Ben Affleck, who plays Batman, HH also learned that the King of Atlantis doesn’t do very well with orders.


“Well, Batman is sort of the leader of the group, is there any kind of challenge from the other members to his leadership? I mean, Aquaman’s a king, I can’t imagine him taking orders from another character would go over very well.”


“You know, Aquaman’s a very strong character, played by a very strong actor with a very strong personality, so I don’t think he’s the sort of guy who at any point in his life takes orders from people. Jason Momoa, he’s got a very strong, stubborn, independent, powerful energy. So it’s not like any of these characters show up and immediately go like, “yes sir, what should I do, Mr. Wayne?” It’s about like trying to get a lot of disparate people who are used to being very powerful and independent to try to work together. And it’s about how hard it is for them to all get along. And there are some characters who really hit it off with each other, some that don’t hit it off with each other, almost come to blows, and it’s about trying to contain that. So it’s not an easy ride trying to get this group to come together.”

Lastly, the movie will have an abandoned tunnel that connects Metropolis and Gotham City, which allegedly is being used as a hideout for Parademons (the demons Batman was fighting in the ‘Knightmare’ sequence in Batman V Superman).

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