Artemis Joins Roster Of ‘Arrow’ Season 5

After season 2 of Arrow, the majority of fans have become increasingly disappointed with the series as it’s progressed. Hopefully the show’s crew is realizing this and will get things back on track with season 5, and they seem to be trying to appeal to their audience by adding another archer. According to Variety, Evelyn Sharp (played by Madison McLaughlin) will be making her return next season and will progress towards becoming Artemis. The character is known for being in the animated series Young Justice, but it will be interesting to see how she is brought to life for the first time in live action.


Artemis is Green Arrow’s sidekick after Roy and Speedy go off on their own, so chronologically it works in the show’s timeline. We saw Ms. Sharp last season trying to steal the Canary Cry to exact revenge on the Darhks so clearly her judgement is skewed a little, but it will be interesting to see Oliver work with her and steer her on the path of heroism.

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