Channing Tatum Possibly Leaving ‘Gambit’ For A DC Movie?

A few days before Rick Famuyiwa was confirmed to be directing The Flash, he started following numerous DC movies accounts on Twitter, such as Gal Gadot (who plays Wonder Woman), Zack Snyder and Suicide Squad‘s official page.


Now, among those accounts was also Channing Tatum, who is set to play the lead role in the X-Men spin-off movie Gambit. However, the project has had a significant number of downs and not very many ups; the original director left, it has been delayed multiple times and, as of right now, doesn’t have a solid release date. Additionally, Tatum himself was rumored to be about ready to walk away.

Where am I going with this? Well, Mr. Famuyiwa followed all those accounts just days before news broke that he would be at the helm of The Flash – which is obviously a DC film. Could this mean that Channing Tatum has in fact left Gambit and is now affiliated with an upcoming DCEU installment?

Of course this is a very, very small lead and most likely a total coincidence. But who knows, maybe it’ll be big news next week.

If so, what DC role would you like to see Tatum play? Be sure to let us know on Twitter and Instagram, maybe we’ll even do a fancast!