Fox/Marvel Rumored To Be In Early Talks For Crossover

Crossover are the best thing that could happen in today’s world. Crossover events usually have big promotions and usually win big off of it and is pretty much one of the first things that come to mind when trying to resuscitate something or keep the momentum going. Crossovers are pretty much a staple in the comic book world. Different kinds of media incorporate crossovers every now and then to gain profit and more importantly; to gain more fans. Why only try to satisfy fans of one superhero alone when you can bring another into the fold and combine the fans together? That’s essentially double the fans on that specific crossover event and theoretically speaking, double the profit. Like mentioned before, crossover events happen all the time. Marvel thrives on crossing over characters into other character’s worlds. As a studio, they’ve pioneered and perfected the method of crossovers. It’s become such an icon that successful standalone superhero movies are extremely rare to find. So what happens when you crossover two of the most successful team-up franchises in comic book movie history? Fans may soon find if this potential leak from ends up being true. While fans of both the X-Men and Avengers franchises would automatically say yes without hearing any terms of the deal, there’s a lot to consider here.

  1. Which cast would show up? Picking characters and actors alike would be a hassle in itself. From Marvel’s side, the current group of Avengers plus some newcomers would make the cut. Fox is more complicated. Fox has seen a reboot to the X-Men franchise. Would they bring on Patrick Stewart’s X-men because the movie would take place in current time? That would respect the timelines but wouldn’t give moviegoers the best experience. Picking the X-Men group in theaters now wouldn’t respect the timeline but would make the cast all but legendary. We wouldn’t even know which X-Men would make the cut, considering there’s been a bunch over the years and that number is still growing in the current X-Men franchise.
  2. How do they explain the continuity? While Marvel could be criticized for its issues on continuity, Fox would actually be at fault here. Marvel could easily explain why Iron Man wasn’t with Captain America when Washington D.C fell but could Fox explain where the X-Men were when Thanos was wreaking havoc on a universal level? There’s a reason why Spider-Man was casted young. (Assuming this crossover takes place after Infinity War plays out.)
  3. Who would be the villain? This one would actually be Marvel’s problem. Marvel has had a bunch of forgettable villains and competitors easily take advantage of that by introducing some of the more classic rogues in their movies to try and up the ante on Marvel. While Fox has been picking the right villains for their movies, it falls on them to pick the right actors to accurate portray these villains. Magneto is also out of the question.
  4. How does this affect both teams? For example, let’s say someone dies in this mega-crossover. Would they retcon it in future movies or would that fact be set in stone? While crossovers are an extremely successful tactic at building momentum, it takes a lot of proper planning and attention to detail to pull of a successful one. The slightest bit on negligence could be catastrophic.
  5. What are the aftereffects? This crossover would definitely encourage positivity between both studios that are usually against each other. If this positivity is enough to spur future crossover events, we may never find out if it comes to fruition. Could this also be a new trend among other competitors? Marvel is easily the most successful franchise on the superhero market right now considering they started their universe long before any of its competitors and its constant use of heroes and villains in other movies than their own. The concept of a shared universe was a very bold idea at the time it was introduced, could crossovers become the same thing? And because this might not potentially happen, I’ll end this discussion with a gift: a fan made trailer of what a shared universe between these two studios would be like, courtesy of user Alex Luthor.

Would you rather keep both universes separate? Or the more the merrier? Let us know below!