Injustice 2: Character Wishlist

E3 is just around the corner and we’ve already been hearing lots of rumors that Netherrealm Studios will officially unveil their follow up to the successful Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. The first game featured various DC Comics heroes and villains, pitting them against one another in a Mortal Kombat like fashion. However, unlike other fighting games, Netherrealm Studios not only focused on making a fun, blockbuster-like fighting game, but they focused on telling a compelling and emotional story as well. So DC Comics fans and fighting game fans rejoice because it definitely sounds like the sequel is headed our way. While it’s not confirmed, rumors are suggesting that it might release in March of next year. So in all of the excitement surrounding a sequel, the next question we ask is: who will make the final roster? And that is what this article is about! We’ll take a look at some characters we would absolutely love to see featured in the sequel. For the sake of brevity, we’ll omit the characters from the first game (DLC characters included) and focus on new characters.

Black canary2


Black Canary was a fan favorite choice for DLC in the first Injustice video game but unfortunately she never made it into the final cut of the game. Dinah Lance is one of the most recognizable female heroines in the DC Universe. She’s an expert martial artist and gamers would have a blast utilizing her sonic scream. She was mentioned briefly in the first game so it’d only be logical to feature her in the sequel.




Black Manta

One of the most vicious and ruthless characters in the DC Universe is Black Manta; the arch-enemy of Aquaman. A treasure hunter who has sought vengeance against Aquaman for killing his father for years. Armed with blades, a hand held trident, and a helmet that can fire energy beams, Manta is truly a worthy adversary. Along with the various gadgets and weapons he wields, Manta is outfitted with a deep sea outfit that is adapted to the tremendous pressures of the deep. Black Manta could be a very unique and powerful gadget character.





Personally, the Lanterns are one of my favorite parts of the entire DC Universe and to see more of them featured in the Injustice sequel would be a real treat. And no, I don’t mean just different Green Lanterns, but different Corps. One of the fan favorite Lantern Corps are the Red Lanterns and one of the more popular members is Bleez. She is most recognizable from her large, bone wings on her back. Unlike Green Lanterns, Red Lanterns cannot form light constructs. However, through their rage they can easily slash and maim their enemies as well as hurl acidic blood from their throats. While many would deem Atrocitus a candidate to use, I’ve always found Bleez to be more interesting and hey, the sequel could use more female fighters than the predecessor anyway.



Queen of Atlantis and wife of Aquaman, Mera has seen a rise in popularity since the New 52 began in 2011. Her powers include the ability to manipulate water by hydrokinesis as well as being able to form hard, water constructs to craft weapons. Aquaman has a fantastic cast of characters in his world and none are more important than Mera. Introducing her in the sequel would be a real bonus and it would give the player one heck of a power character. The first game had no Aquaman characters besides Arthur himself, so introducing Mera would really begin to flesh out the DC Universe in the Injustice world. As well as giving the players a truly, powerful female fighter.




Alec Holland is known as Swamp Thing, the Avatar of the Green, the force that connects all plant life of any form on Earth. Swamp Thing is essentially a god in many aspects and one could just imagine the possibilities with his inclusion. I’d imagine he would play more of a Brute-like character along the lines of how Bane, Doomsday, and Solomon Grundy played. Instead, his attacks could consist of conjuring various forms of plant life to attack his opponents like vines or even poisonous spores. Well I’ll leave that to the game designers to figure those out, but to play as the Avatar of the Green would be amazing.





The Teen Titans are one of the most popular franchises in the DC Universe. In the first game, we got Raven, Cyborg, and even Nightwing to play as. But why stop there? Starfire is one of the team’s tanks, with super strength, the ability to flight as well as cast out energy blasts called Starbolts. Starfire is an alien princess from the plan Tamaran. Starfire is a fierce, loving warrior who is one of the Titans’ strongest leaders. If the sequel was to add another Titan, Starfire should be the clear choice.






Now I know many (including myself) were a little tired of seeing so many Bat related characters but one who would actually be really fun to play as would be Red Hood. After Jason Todd was killed by Joker, he was resurrected and sought to punish criminals by killing them instead of simply locking them up as Batman had tought him. The character has gotten more popular over the years, thanks to an important role in last year’s Batman: Arkham Knight. He’s most known for brandishing dual pistols, so I’d imagine his fighting style could be based upon that.





The struggle with this was whether or not to include Vixen or Animal Man. Ultimately, I went with Vixen because well…I just find her to be a more interesting character. Through the use of a totem, Vixen can essentially draw upon the abilities of any animal on Earth and mimic their abilities. It could open up some very creative fighting styles that could make Vixen a powerhouse. Imagine being able to fly to get away from an attackers move or come charging in like a rhino the next move. The possibilities are endless!





He was initially my choice for the villain of the sequel. Primarily a Superman villain, Brainiac could be a pretty fantastic powerhouse. His most notable abilities are telepathy, energy attacks as well as the ability to miniaturize cities. He is also a capable fighter, shown to have been able to go toe to toe with Superman.






f552727ca5e515eb95a23b199bba3247 10. CHEETAH
Aside from Ares, Wonder Woman doesn’t have any villains featured. For the sequel, one interesting choice could be Cheetah. She’s been able to take on Wonder Woman and has beaten her in some cases. So you know she’s not someone you take lightly. I’d imagine she’d play a lot like Catwoman did, without the whip of course. Her strength would be her speed and her ability to make some fast strikes before her opponent could counter.





Dr. Fate

11. DR. FATE
There really weren’t many magic characters featured in the first game besides Raven, then of course Zatanna as DLC. The next game could use another magic user and who better than Dr. Fate. Kent Nelson is a man who acts through the will of Nabu, an ancient being whose helmet and cloak Nelson wears. He is a very powerful sorcerer so seeing his moves could be really fun.






While it might seem like an odd choice, Gorilla Grodd is actually one of my favorite Flash villains. He’s an insanely smart Gorilla who has the ability to control minds. Imagine a brute-like fighter who can use different forms of mental attacks against their opponent? That’d be pretty cool right? Flash could use a member of his rogues gallery on the roster for the next Injustice.









While it would seem a bit redundant to have two characters who could manipulate plant life, Poison Ivy is one of the most recognizable Batman villains ever. While not quite as powerful as Swamp Thing, Ivy’s attacks could be just as entertaining and deadly. It might even be smarter to include someone like Poison Ivy instead of Swamp Thing just for marketing purposes as I’m sure more people (minus comic fans) would recognize her more than Swamp Thing. Whichever route they choose to go, the next game needs to include either Poison Ivy or Swamp Thing…or both.




Now to those who have been keeping up with the comics or DC news in general, you’ll have heard by now that in DC’s Rebirth the big bad of the DC Universe is none other than Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. So, why not include him in the sequel as potential DLC? Imagine having classic DC characters taking on Dr. Manhattan? How cool would that be!





Anyway, that’s it for some potential choices for an Injustice: Gods Among Us sequel. E3 starts this coming weekend and if you’re like us, you’ll be dying to hear some more information regarding the sequel. So let us know your thoughts, who would you like to see in the next Injustice? Make sure to check out ComicDrops Twitter and Instagram!