Jack Kirby Will Heavily Influence ‘Justice League’

DC Comics has always been more grounded when comparing it to the mystics of Marvel. Almost everything can be accurately explained and the supernatural phenomena aren’t as supernatural compared to other competitors. Walking in to the movie theater to watch Batman vs. Superman, I expected pretty much the same thing. As the movie progressed, more and more became clear: DC wasn’t going its conventional route. Things that caught me off guard was Mother Boxes, hints at gods from other planets, and Batman’s visions (or dreams, depending on how you saw it). It was surprising to add a superpower, if visions could be considered as such, to one of the only characters in comic book history that’s known for having no powers. Jack Kirby, comic book legend, is DC’s go-to-guy when it comes to superpowers and phenomenas and according to comicbookresources.com, Zack Snyder will draw heavy influence from him in his upcoming team up movie, the Justice League:

“Kirby’s crazy in a great way, and there’s a lot of influence, you know, the New Gods stuff, we were digging on that — and that’s the Mother Boxes and that sort of Apokoliptian world and all that. I don’t know if I can call it ‘weird,’ he said with a laugh. The kinda scope-y, sci-fi, cool, what I think is fun stuff,” he continued. “I think inherently when you start to talk about a bad guy that would justify the Justice League, you have to have a good threat that’s fun and kinda crazy. And the Mother Boxes are always fun, DC-weird tech, you know?”

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