James Wan Talks His Vision Of ‘Aquaman’

Many comic book fans are hoping for 2018’s Aquaman movie to redeem the King of Atlantis’ bad reputation. Despite reigning over 70% of Earth and having gone toe to toe with Superman and other equally powerful heroes and villains, he’s still often regarded as ‘that lame dude who talks to fish’.

While promoting his new movie, The Conjuring 2, director James Wan, who will be at the helm of Aquaman, spoke to ComicBookResources about where he will be drawing his inspirations from.

“I’m a big fan of what Geoff Johns did with his new take on ‘Aquaman,’ with the New 52. I think for the first time, we get to see Aquaman as a superhero that definitely isn’t the butt of superhero jokes, right? I think that there’s something very exciting about that. I actually do think there’s something kind of fun, as well, to take a character where people don’t quite know what to expect from him, or rather the expectation of him is quite low. I always say, it’s very difficult when you’re tackling something like ‘Spider-Man’ or ‘Batman’ that has been done so many times before. Whereas, it’s actually really refreshing to take on something like ‘Aquaman,’ that no one has really seen before in this context, and make it your own.”

He then added:

“I already know the tone for the film that I want to make. I’ll just put it at that.”

Warner Bros. have reportedly given Ben Affleck full creative control over his upcoming Batman film, and it seems they would be wise to the same with James Wan for Aquaman. Wan also shared an anecdote from filming The Conjuring 2, commenting on Aquaman’s home element – water.

“We have a sequence in the movie where the set is flooded, it’s waterlogged, and there’s a lot of rain in this movie. Every time I’m out in the rain, and I’m in this sunken, flooded set, the only thing that’s going through my brain is, “Fuck, I have to put up with this for an entire movie. This is going to suck.” I’ll leave it at that — how’s that?”

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