Jared Leto Says Playing The Joker Was “The Role Of Lifetime”

We’re only a few months away from seeing the next installment of the DCEU and one character that everyone is eager to see on the big screen is the Clown Prince of Crime. Jared Leto is the latest actor to take on the iconic role, and in an interview Deadline, Leto revealed how he felt about stepping into his clown shoes.

You can anticipate a lot of chaos and a hell of a lot of fun. And, I think, something completely different than other movies in the genre. … It was a role of a lifetime. Really, it was an incredible honor to be asked to play the part. Look, there have been so many incredible performances of the Joker over the years. Then there’s the wonderful artists that have drawn this character and the writers that have written the Joker for 75 years and more through television and film and animated projects. I found it a real honor to be asked to continue the tradition. I’m so grateful that I had the chance, that’s my honest answer and my thoughts on it.”

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Personally, I was not sold on Leto’s take on the Joker when his first photo was released. But after seeing the small bits of his portrayal in the trailers we’ve seen I’m sold that Jared Leto will be an amazing Joker for the DCEU. He definitely seems to has enough love for the character and respect for those who have filled the shoes before him to know how to make it is own while making sure the fans get what they want. Only time will tell when the film drops August 5th.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Leto’s take on the Joker? Are you unhappy with the casting choice? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: ScreenRant